Brings out the best of farming

Problem Statement

A good farming involves the collaboration of large set of information and responsive decision making.

Farming sector is distributed segment with each region having a unique art of doing.

The expert guidance and forecast required for efficient managing of unpredicted situation

Traceability of produce


A one stop platform for all farming information's and guidance.

An Agri-ERP system for the efficient management and operations

Integrating sensors, IoT solutions, Satellite monitoring, whether forecasting, AI and data management

Platform for Farmers connect and engage with each other, keep a track of their crops, and view information regarding weather, diseases that affect livestock etc

Value Proposition

For Farmers helping them with learning new techniques, entertainment, and other farmrelated activities.

Farmer producer Organizations, Processing units, Government Seed Corporations

Agri Input Companies, crop insurance companies, Financial Aid Companies

Building Blocks

FNI mobile app will be in the form of a super app with services for the following:




Carbon Credit

A carbon credit is a permit that allows the company that holds it to emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. One credit permits the emission of a mass equal to one ton of carbon dioxide.

Farmers Network India(FNI) is a platform for Indian farmers to help them with connecting to the other players in the segment while learning new techniques, keeping updated with latest trends, updated market prices, most important & timely news updates, agricultural products & equipments, weather updates & early alerts, govt. and non govt. schemes etc. The list goes on…

FNI will be a one stop destination for all your queries and information regarding agriculture & related practices. The services will be available from mobile application as well; so as to be accessible in the comfort of home as well as field or factory.

Timely decision making plays a major role in determining how much profit you can get out of your efforts. With lots of information floating in the internet these days, its very easy to miss out the best possible combinations. But with advancement of technology, we can now get the precise information at your finger tips within seconds.

As for enterprise, FNI acts as an enterprise resource planning & management of all the information and resources involved in a company's operations by means of an integrated online system.

What makes FNI powerful?

FNI accumulates almost every information a farmer requires. Based on relevance to the particular user, FNI can deliver the precise information pertaining to the location, whether & soil condition. FNI can even deliver information such as policy updates, insurance schemes, product updates depending on the crops grown by the farmer at a particular time.

At any given point, FNI will be delivering only the relevant information to the user making his life easier. No need to spend time searching for information when you can get an assistant do the heavy searching for you.

FNI is powered by Agdhi’s State Of The Art(SOTA) AI Engine; Eywa which correlates information from various sectors and delivers a meaningful feed to you daily.

How about giving a hint that you would like to plant soybean next month. FNI can share information of latest & best seeds available in the market today ranked by quality or price. Let us show you the soil treatments to be done & most importantly, if next month is a good time to start soybeans!

You will be surprised to know the various information gathered from various sources combined to give you a holistic view regarding a topic of interest.

How do we do it?

Here’s a glimpse…

All the information you need is around you in different forms. You just need to find the sources (millions by the way), understand the possibilities, understand the ups & downs of each & make the best combination.

Manually this is a very tedious process and going into the depth is not worth your time. FNI reduces that time; does the tedious process in fraction of a second and brings you the best possibilities.

Surely this is not easy. There needs to be a lot of research, development effort & testing put to make sure each recommendation is for the best of the user. After all the value that each decision brings to the user is the driving force behind the next query & recommendation.

FNI has a wide infrastructure of agricultural sensors, historical data & analytics tools to perform these processes. With each step being monitored and backed up by industrial experts, agronomists, technology enthusiasts & engineers, there’s no way we could go wrong.

What are the components?

  • Sensors
  • Weather forecasts
  • Satellites
  • Irrigation mechanisms
  • Autonomous rovers
  • Insurance
  • Quality Control
  • Agri Schemes
  • Financial solutions partners
  • Information's and guidance
  • Management and operations
  • Data management
  • Connect and engage with each other
  • Crops status tracking
  • Weather & climate information & alerts
  • Market Advisory
  • Brokerage Services
  • Field monitoring
  • Chat with farmers, experts
  • Seed & Agronomic analytics
  • Crop marketing
  • Internet Of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Analytics tools
  • Disease identification
  • Quality based classification techniques
  • Morphology extraction
  • Games & other entertainment solutions
  • Competitive & collaborative modules
  • ERP System
  • Agri activity tracker
  • Recommendation engine